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    Jordan Spizike

    I agree. If enough were created to support a large footprint, it would outstrip the natural gas supply and it would create higher gas prices. I would probably put the gas supply at risk, and that would have an impact in home heating. now link my name to know me,and each other we all get the good things.don't think that I cheat you,pls.

    Rich B

    This is hardly a decsision favoring business over wages as you have commented. The renewable energy projects at Schools are only viable if costs of wages, solar panals etc. are kept down. Otherwise they don't pencil out till new technologies make solar energy cheaper to produce. You could be killing great renewable energy projects and ideas at schools if you fight this one. If these project go ahead people will see them and see that solar energy is viable, buying time for new technologies to improve energy output.

    jordan 11

    These information helps me consider some useful things, keep up the good work.

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