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    Ryan Scot Nalley

    I don't know what is appropriate discussion for blogs, but I want to through this out there in case anyone ever had this happen, or can give some advice? Filed a promising FLSA/retaliation case, modest--but a winner, and after the motion to dismiss, sure enough they want to settle, and were all reasonable, so we set a court date to have the Judge approve the settlement, as is requirement in order the FLSA settlement to be binding.

    So, all is well except I will not go into the detalis but, I was not able to to physically get to the court hearing until about 45min. late--and theire sere some other telecommunications misconception.

    When I get to court, the judge has left the bench, and clerk gives me an order of "DISMISSED FOR WANT OF PROSECUTION" AND AFTER MONTHS OF LITIGATION. Anyone have any suggestions about how to redeem myself from this colossal blunder in Illinois.

    ANONYNOUS Owe its required

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