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    Hi Michael - Shalini from Avvo here. Avvo only reflects what is available on Mr. Baweeja's bar discipline record at the California Bar. Since his current record does not report any discipline actions, neither does Avvo.


    When he gets disbarred - and he will get disbarred for this - all those class members should apply to recover from the State Bar's fund. There's a cap of $50K but everyone should be under that.


    I was a claimant in the original case ... how do I ensure that I am in the followup complaint ?


    I am a Class Member who did not receive my settlement.
    What shall I do?



    I was one of the lucky few that did receive my funds. They were one third of what I was originally told I would receive. I only got the money after months of communicating with him and his office and finally threatening to contact the State Bar of California and the Attorney Generals Office. I had my money two days later by wire transfer. In my heart I had a feeling something was fishy. But had no idea the magnitude of his fraudulent actions. My heart goes out to those who have gotten nothing. Although, how can I be sure the amount I received was the correct amount? Also, should we as a class have the right to recover our 25% in attorneys fees we paid to the people who were supposed to be there to protect us?


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