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    brett rosa

    fu*k that sh*t, how do you expect the low middle class to pay for all this bullsh*t going on these days. screw you, go fight your own war, nazi's. this isnt a democracy, this is a totalitarian democracy. suck my dick, all of you. peace out, dont forget to blow me too.


    LMAO. Excellent, well thought out, well spoken argument you have there Brett.


    brett rosa you are a jackass. relax eminem. lol.


    I am so glad there is no change to the minimum wage for 2009.

    If we keep raising the this wage rate, then all other expenses go up as well.


    Here's the min. wage in 2007 ________ Here's the expenses in 2007 ----------

    (if you notice the expenses are higher than the wage)

    Here's the min. wage in 2008 ________ Here's the expenses in 2008 ----------

    The wage and expenses are the same in value. The only difference is the numbers grow bigger as the years grow; in the end all value is the same. People just think they are making more money when they are not, becuase they are now paying for higher expenses. This is why our American dollar has lost value.


    Brett sounds like the perfect candidate for a management position! Too bad he's probably up to 100k by now which means I cant touch him!

    tiffany truax

    maybe if we payed are employee better, we would get better and more efficient workers, therefore we could make more money. where i live houses are way up there i can't buy one and I'm a nurse. pretty sad. We keep paying for all these company that are having problems. let them have problems that way we can get back to normal price houses and everything else normal.


    If Tiffany Truax is a nurse, I sure wouldn't want her attending to me. She can't even put together a simple grammatically correct paragraph; how the heck can she write up an accurate medical report?

    ANYway, the minimum wage in California should be at LEAST $13/hr. It's impossible to live anywhere in this state for less (particularly in the Bay Area), and that's with the help of a dwelling-mate. No adult person should have to resort to shared housing and expenses if they don't want to, but for most people that's a reality in these increasinly difficult economic times. I for one am sick of it!


    How are we suppose all of our bills, and gas. with the money that we get now. it is not enought. we have to live our lives thinking about if i spend this money today paying this bill then how much money am i gonna have tomoro. and on top of that it is not only thinking about tomoro but also if we will have money to last us for the hole month specially if you have kids. just because not everyone has the best job in the world does not mean that we dont deserve a good amount of money everymonth.


    $8 is crap. If your satisfied with that then you're a retard. In SF it's $10 and that barely can get you by.

    unknown author

    Someone who fights our wars as a first class airman only makes $6.61 an hour. They are striped from thier family and sent to unknown countries and areas. Be fortunate for what you have.

    Uncle Tom

    You don't "deserve" anything. There is no karma fairy handing out jobs and wages because you are deserving of it. The free market system is what allows us to have a standard of living above hunting and gathering, so you have to make yourself into a good candidate for a good job, or else you get put in at a low-earning position (unless luck abets you otherwise). Maybe you weren't given the best hand to play with, but you make due how you can. Hand outs hurt everyone.
    Increasing minimum wages, like was said earlier, drives up costs of everything; infact, every additional dollar that is added to the wage has proportionally less buying power.

    And don't have children if you can't afford them. Condoms are free, let that be your hand out.


    if you think you make too little, get a better education and get a better job.


    When the minimum wage increases, there are exactly zero employers who think to themselves "Well, I guess I'll make a little less this year". The wage increase always translates into higher costs for goods and services.
    McDonald's has to charge more for a burger and Walmart has to charge more for cheap crap. And who shops at these places? People who make the minimum.
    Quality of living stays the same (or gets worse) but income tax and sales tax revenues increase since we are taking the same percentage off higher numbers.

    Bureaucrats are the only benefactors.

    brandon wright

    yes,minium wage is very low,but it give teens(such as myself) the incentive to go to college and get a degree so we can higher educate ourselves and become more succesful in life :)

    schnig wagner

    wow, that brett rosa person obviously has down syndrome or some form of mental retartdation. Either that or he is from some thirg world country, like sh*t hole equador. On top of that brett is most likrly some dumbass kid who thinks he knows everything, but actuality doesn't know jack sh*t. hey brett why dont you quit molesting little kids at the ymca and get a real job that doesnt pay minimum wage so you'll quit bitching. CHUMP

    schnig wagner

    Having the government mandate a minimum wage simply doesn't work in a capitalistic economy determined by market forces. Though intentions may be admirable, it is nothing more than a stimulis for inflation, which utlimately undermines reaching that utilitarian goal of raising the quality of life for the under-class. When the cost of providing a product or service increases, that cost manifests a price increase. The nearest thing to institutionally increasing labor wages is unions. And that leads to $75/hr auto workers working in Michigan producing cars to sell against autos produced in Mexico where labor is $2.00/hr. There simply is no magic pill to cure this problem. The individual solution is hard work and education....making yourself more valuable to an employer. And then the market will reward you with a salary comensurate with abilities.

    replying to comment

    Someone who fights our wars doesn't have any bills so $6.61 is a lot.

    Just a dumb grunt

    Hey dumbass, you think servicemembers don't have bills? Not everything is paid for. We get barracks, food, water, electricity, and healthcare. That's it. No Internet, phone, cable TV, car, and other personal things. What about family expenses? It ain't free to call them or visit them. The Army (or Navy, Air Force, Marines, whichever) ain't gonna just give you a plane ticket back to the States 'cause your dad is in the hospital. It's people like you who couldn't hack it who always have some shit to say.

    Anyway. If you want more than minimum wage, learn a skill (Other than flipping burgers, selling drugs, or living with mommy). Maybe your savior Nobama will send you some free money.

    Keep Minimum Wage at 8

    brett rosa is fucking comical. All you need to do is see his myspace to see what a pathetic loser he is.

    James 26

    I am happy with eight it's not hard to live at all. I bust my but work really hard so I get more hours. People are so lazy now a day expecting to get paid for sitting on there buts doing practically nothing. Then go out to eat at least 1-2 times a week "to a restaurant". I am not talking about: Starbucks, Mc.Donalds, Burger King, or any of those other fast food places. That are horrible for you and also cost much more than if you were to make it yourself. Like I said people who cant live on a $8.00 wage is well, lazy. And is too greedy they just cannot get enough. New car with all the extras, or you hear of people putting sound systems in their car cause it will make them cool. Geese people, everyone is so crazy thinking they have to have all these things to be cool and yet there in debt, all fat out of shape smoking/alcohol drinking losers in my mind. Tell me if you aren't guilty of doing any of these if you aren't, I am sorry for the others get off your butts, get in shape, get healthy, and make a difference in this world. People are way worse off than you.


    James26 - I find it quite odd that you are happy with 8.00 an hour and the rest of your comments is that others are too lazy to deal with it. My question is - where is your ambition if you are okay with the $8.00/hr. I also don't understand if you are living on your own without roommates, how do you make it? At a regular 40/wk your take home is less than $320.00 multiply that by 4 weeks and you net less than 1280.00. The average price for a 1 bedroom is about $700-$800. So that would leave you with less than 300.00 - 400.00 per month to live on. At an average cost of 75.00 per week for groceries alone is 300.00/month. Do you live with your parents and have no concept of the "real" world?
    Secondly, Brett Rosa, your intelligently written comment above is the reason that you probably are out of work or still making the minimum wage. Ponder that for a bit, and if you have any trouble with the big words like intelligent or ponder. Take a little time off from the rap music and look it up.
    Third, we need to get rid of the unions... PERIOD

    no name

    the cost of every living expense is already up without the wage increase. go to your local supermarket, they raised the prices when gas was expensive, and then when gas went down in price they raised them again. why? because everyone out there was already acclimated to paying through the nose for the things they need everyday. yes there are a few grocery stores (i.e. Trader Joe's)who don't charge you through the nose and who's prices went down with the price of gas, and thats where I've had to take my business. But raising the min wage doesn't force the price to go up, it just gives the people in the big businesses an excuse to raise prices. One of the most tragic things, is when you work 40+ hours a week at a grocery store and cant even afford to shop there. my wages were increased with the pay hike, but the store was still too expensive for me (both of the stores i worked at were major national chains) and prices didn't go up with the pay raise, they went up with the price of gas and have been climbing ever since.

    Lenny J

    For sheepherders, however, effective July 1, 2002, the minimum wage was set at $1,200.00 per month. Effective January 1, 2007 this wage was increased to a minimum monthly salary of $1,333.20. Effective January 1, 2008, the minimum monthly salary for sheepherders will be $1,422.52.
    A sheepherder makes more than $8.00 per-hour. Ever think of switching professions? Besides, there is something about sheep...Well, never mind


    no name, that is a very incorrect observation you have made. Yes, gas prices affect the price of goods because it costs more to ship them, but then so to does minimum wage increases. If you pay someone $1 an hour to make a product, and the materials cost you $1 then you can charge $3 dollars and turn a decent profit. And then say that said item takes approximately 1 hour to make, so you are sitting at a $2 an hour cost per product produced. When that wage goes up to $2 an hour, you would then be looking at a $3 an hour cost per product, so to continue to turn a profit, and therefore stay in business, you would have to raise your price. And that is just the manufacturing price. Add in shipping, then the individual stores compensation (which is why things cost different at different stores) and you will see a marked increase in prices with wage increases.


    Jeff Paul Scam

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    Minimum wage is just that, “minimum.” You CAN live off of minimum wage, but it’s not a great life. It’s intended as a starter wage, not something to buy a house with. This is a wage high school kids make, then you move on. And even if you have to start from the bottom, and you are not a teenager, it’s still possible. I read above that a one bedroom apartment is 700-800 a month. You can live comfortably in a studio/bachelor in Southern California. I’m paying $600 for mine and it’s a decent place, renovated, etc. And even though it’s not in the best of places, it’s not a complete hole. As for groceries, $300 a month for one person is pushing it. I don’t know what you are buying, but it must be at the most priciest store. I am able to buy healthy and decent food for under $200 per month, and that does not include canned ravioli, frozen burritos and ramen noodles. I buy fresh veggies, meats, bread, fish, lunch meat, cheese, milk, juice, fruit etc, and even some more expensive items all for $200 or less. I’m a fairly big guy and eat 3 average meals a day, plus snacks, chips, soda whatever. As for utilities, mine are about $60 per month for gas and electric combined.

    So, let’s say after taxes working full-time at minimum wage you bring home $1100, minus:
    600 – rent
    60 - utilities
    200 – groceries (including toiletries, paper towels, etc.)
    10 – phone (land line with lifesaver, and you will qualify if you’re making minimum wage, cellphone is a luxury)
    80 – Gasoline (I work quite a ways from home, takes me about 20 minutes on the freeways and drive a Dodge)
    50 – insurance (average)
    32 – laundry (average)
    That’s - $1032.00 and you still have some left over. Internet is 10.00 per month and school books for night classes at your local college are not too expensive if you buy them used.

    It IS possible, and as I said, this is meant as a starter wage. If you are persistent and want to grow and better yourself, you will not have to make minimum wage forever. There is also the concept of working a second job and putting away money until you can afford to pay for school, pay credit cards off, whatever. This is not a “luxury” wage, therefore you shouldn’t be buying “luxuries” on it.

    As for being a single parent, well… that is a whole other topic. But still possible I think. As I said, it is not forever. If you are diligent and persistent you can better yourself and get out from under the conditions you are living in.


    Everytime Min wage goes up companys will raise the prices by 5-10% or more to cover the cost of the new Min wages. so the working class is more behind becuase of all the extra cost. If the state is going to raise the min wage then they need to pass a law that no prices can be increased just becuase of min wage goes up.


    Allen: your figures are way off: lets take that (southern california Los angeles area) if someone made minumum wage.

    $8.00x40hoursx4 weeks=
    $448.00 taxes, federal, fdic, medicare, state
    $832.00 is what is left over
    $1,200.00 – rent
    120.00 - utilities
    350.00 – groceries (including toiletries, paper towels, etc.)
    10 – phone (land line with lifesaver, and you will qualify if you’re making minimum wage, cellphone is a luxury)
    95.00 – Gasoline (I work quite a ways from home, takes me about 20 minutes on the freeways and drive a Dodge)
    120.00/year – insurance (average)
    75.00 – laundry (average)

    these figures are from the average min wage workers. so how can some one survive after paying all the money to rent and then they are still behind. Thank god for foodstamps welfare and section 8( which I do not qualify for but has friends on it)


    No Steven, your numbers on income and taxes are WAY off. First of all, a month is not 4 weeks. $8 * 40 hours * 52 weeks / 12 months is $1386 per month. Your presumed tax rate of 35% is also WAY off. Someone earning $16,640 per year is paying about $104 a month in FICA and other payroll taxes, and a BASE income tax of $172 a month in income taxes assuming, foolishly, that there are ZERO deductions, including the personal exemption. I ran those numbers through Turbotax real quick and came up with $255 in ANNUAL state AND federal taxes, just taking the standard deduction and personal exemption. No other tax benefits. So that $448 in monthly taxes you assume is really more like $126. So after tax income is not $832, it's $1260.

    Your rent assumption is crazy, too. If you work minimum wage, and you are supporting yourself, without a spouse or parents or whatever, you do not blow $1200 a month on rent. That's insane. You rent a room or share an apartment. You can do that for as low as $325 a month, although a nice one can set you back $750 or more.


    I made $18,000 in 2008 working full time for minimum wage and the government took $6,000 in taxes and I only get $800 back....


    Raise the minimum wage 'cause it helps people like me that DON'T HAVE stupid expenditures (cell phones/fancy cars/luxury)

    I don't even eat out ever, so RAISING the minimum wage is REALLY helpful for poor ass me....

    James 2

    Sorry Broke, But it does hurt everybody else.


    lmfao. i love brett's thing. dude, ur hilarious

    Just another inane yapper.

    At first I did not believe that minimum wage was really eight an hour, (moving from the bay area to LA) if I wasn’t up to my ears in student loans, I’d be living in a box. Although minimum wage is just a stop in my walk of life, I don’t believe all people who end up working minimum wage jobs are at fault. Corporations are combating specialization in order to reduce wages. Once upon a time the bakery in your local grocery actually made things from scratch as opposed to the modern pre-packaged frozen defrost method we got going on nowadays...

    & why is everyone so nit picky on this forum? For example, Joesph divide 52 by 12 and round. Jeeze.


    I just stopped by this forum, but I found it funny how "an" would criticize Tiffany Truax's spelling, but he himself/herself had his/her own grammatical errors in his/her arsenal.



    Okay people that fight for our freedom should make more than what we do . If you really figure the shit up right so people might know that they actually make less than we do ! And Everything is not free so $6.61 is not a lot ! What about when they are over seas fighting for our freedom they dont pay for the phone cards for them to call home ! They dont get their uniforms free or any of that ! I would like for they people that are talking about the military like that to go and join one of the services and see how hard it really is for you and the family ! .... You should have some respect for the people fighting for your freedom and Be happy that you even get the chance to get out there and work for atleast that much !

    17yrs of Earth

    There shouldn't be any argument over whether or not there should be minimum wage or not. There should be nothing. No money to bicker over. No corruption no stealing. It's truly ridicules that everyone thinks they need money to survive. If the people in charge (corporations) actually cared about us, "The People", then they would have done away with money long ago. So instead of talking over the internet about all this stuff. Get together. Have meetings. Organize protests. Hell, RIOT. But do something. If you haven't noticed the world is going to hell in a hand basket and the only thing that any corporation is worried about right now is making that money. Stop worrying about money. When the banks and politicians and corporations are all gone. There will truly be peace and prosperity in the world. Instead of worrying about making months rent. We can worry about whether or not there is anyone starving in the world. Because we have the resources to end hunger in the world. We have the resources to automate, ALL, factories. We have the resources to clean energy that would last us 4,000 years just from one days production. WE HAVE THE RESOURCES. It's just the power of money that brings greed and corruption into the world that keeps us from getting there.

    So rise up, protest, boycott, riot. Do what you can. Don't sit and complain. Just DO.


    The problem with claiming that all expenses will go up if people get paid more in minimum wage, is that the cost of utilities doesn't fluctuate with the economic situation.

    How many Mom n' Pop electric companies do you know of? Water companies? Garbage companies? You don't ever hear on the news about PG&E having a "economic crisis sale", they just cut off more and more people's power. If there is a steady increase in the cost of basic utilities (and there is), then there needs to be a corresponding raise in the minimum wage.

    Plus, I don't know about you people, but for my piddly little apartment, I pay 1700$ a month, and that's in the cheap part of town.

    Cameron M.

    Brett Rosa you are a moron.
    I am visiting from Vancouver Canada, and let me tell you all,@ 8.00/hr you enjoy much more consumer spending power than those in my province with a min. wage of 8.50/hr. I say that- having considered how much more we pay for ALL of our consumer products and services. Governments assert that higher min. wages will have a negative effect on both big industry and small business alike - there may be some truth to that - BUT, the current minimums make for barely sustenance living. No, I do not think that unskilled labour positions should be well paid but a reasonable starting wage of,say- 10.00/hr is more reasonable to keep honest working folk above the poverty line.


    Jamboree Housing Corporation, H.O.M.E.S., Inc. and the City of Anaheim received the Project of the Year Award for Diamond Apartment Homes, a pioneering multifamily development that provides both housing and mental health supportive services for previously homeless individuals.

    (they leave out most low income housing is inaccessible and occupied by families)
    Often, rental housing that serves the chronically homeless and/or those with mental illness is designed for individuals. With 15 one- and 10 two-bedroom fully furnished apartments, Diamond takes a different approach by providing housing that will allow families to remain together. The community will be home to 25 families who earn between $19,530 and $30,120 (30% of the AMI).


    THE POOR ARE ALSO PAYING A 156% TAX INCREASE ON CIGARETTES FED AnD MORE IN CA . WHILE THE PROMISE NOT TO TAX THE POOR IS SHATTERED. ..THE MONEY DOEs not go to smokers health either - it goes to schip family health care up for those families to $83k per year.!

    in ca medi-cal "optional" benefits and cssi/ssp will also be cut .
    new healhty family programs will be in place shortly.

    seems we all have gotten the screws...
    2009 -Celebrate the year of the Poor and Disabled Giving it UP for the Middle Class.!!!!

    Julie Jenkins Sathe

    Let's all remember that Minimum Wage is a "minimum" wage. It is not supposed to be the average wage, or the wage you aspire to earn. Minimum wage is the government's guide for a base pay so that people will not be exploited.

    Historically, minimum wage jobs are for those who are starting out, learning to work, learning to come in on time, to literally learn the skills of the adulthood they are entering.

    Minimum wage earners are not only teens but those people who have not yet developed skills (in a particular field) that would elevate them to the next level, or jobs that require less education and investment to hold. This is not always true, but it began as such. Certainly, some jobs that require no college and little education have begun to shift the balance and pay more than more socially important jobs. Jobs such as teachers and nurses began as volunteer roles (and yes, usually with women in their service).

    But, there is a place for minimum wage jobs. Should teens who are just learning to stack boxes or new people in the work force who seat people in a restaurant earn the same as a skilled or veteran employee? No. Of course not. We need minimum wage jobs and we need that wage to be low, not high... so that all of us can aspire to earn more, learn more and be more.

    People drive me mad

    Alright....let me put things this way...

    I own my own home in the bay area...not a huge place, but plenty livable. I own it flat out, paid off and everything. I decided to buy a new truck a couple years back and while making roughly $18k/year, without paying rent, only paying for my truck (which was normally lets round off and say $350/month), the higher insurence (which was about 180/month) and the rest of my bills...I barely broke even. After they take out taxes, you figure out food, electrical, garbage, water, gas, food and so this area....$8/hr is -not- cutting it. I know people who work -three jobs- to make their rent every is that fair? they get taxed to shit at each job and they can -barely- scrape together a savings.

    What ever happen to the land of opportunity? How is there much of one if they can't afford to live here? I believe we should raise the minimal wage to about $9.50/hr and give tax breaks to people who make less than 40K/year in sead of giving them to the people who make over 300K/ does that make sense at all? I mean...honestly...if you make more, you get a better chance at a tax break? please...

    oh...and Julie're an idiot...minimal wage is suppose to be the minimum amount a person can make and still afford a place to live. Yes, we should -all- aspire to do better, but, sometimes it's hard. My mother was a waitress for 25yrs, and she earned minimal wage plus tips and I have to say, if it wasn't for the fact that she made those tips and that she hadn't stuck around the same place, she -never- would have been able to raise me. When you get laid off (and after reading that, I hope you do), I hope you have to apply at McDonald's and earn minimal wage...then you can see what those 'unexperienced' people had to deal with.

    I'm not saying they should earn as much as a skilled person or a veteran, but they should be able to make a bloody living, working say 45-50hrs a week at minimal wage.


    For the Military guy who is earning 6.61 an hour. That's a load of crap! An E-1 with under two years is on scedule for about $8.00 an hour given a 40 hour work week (for reference refer to ). I know what's comming next... You work more than a 40 hour week. So what! Stop the crying! Some weeks you work less.... You forgot to mention the fantastic promotion timeline/potential the military offeres. Oh you didn't mention the 30 days PAYED vacation, or the UNLIMITED sick days; oh, did you say anything about the 100% FREE healthcare (for you AND your family)? What about the PENSION plan? You have a 401K equivant too (Thrift Savings)? Free gym membership? You're overseas.. what about cost of living adjustment, move in housing allowances, special pays, etc. And the list goes on. It makes me sick to see Military people crying about thier pay, or anybody else for that matter. If you sign up for a job that has crappy pay why are you blaming the employer? If you don't have skills that demand a higher pay why are you blamming the employer? I can't believe that an UNSKILLED person is complaining about 8.00 an hour. You need to learn how to live within your means. Modest means equals a modest life.

    ana lopez

    wft all of you guys are fucken stupid you guys are probably fucken white trash im with you brett rosa if they were in our situation they would say the same....fuck you dipshits mofos(mother fuckers) suckers


    In order for a person to "survive" at minimum wage assuming about $3,000 in monthly expenses to cover - rent, food, insurance, utilities, taxes, etc., the wage would have to be raised to about $24 / hour, or basically tripled here in CA.

    How many marginal businesses would fail, causing an even greater unemployment problem, which would further reduce consumer spending, which would cause more businesses to fail, and on it would go.

    Anyone wonder why CA has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country? Think it MIGHT have something to do with the increase in minimum wage?

    Minimum wage was never intended as the index to the least amount one could earn and still "make" it. Time for the liberals and those who feel "entitled" to figure this out.


    Regulate Gas.
    It is no longer a luxury, it is a utility.

    Do not increase minimum wage.
    Cap inflation instead.

    Do not continue the passive occupation of Iraq.
    The fact that we are present there is what causes extremist groups from that area to attack us.
    It is also a huge drain on the Federal Budget with no return on investment.

    Deport Illegal Aliens who are not migrant workers on a Work Visa.
    They steal jobs from Americans and send most of their wages back to Mexico and out of our economy.

    Disband all unions.
    They severely inflate production costs and labor rates, and take a large portion of member's wages back in the form of dues.

    et cetera, et cetera...

    And for the love of whomever you worship, pay attention in school, kids. The grammar and spelling on this page is atrocious.




    do what you gotta do.


    Your rent assumption is crazy, too. If you work minimum wage, and you are supporting yourself, without a spouse or parents or whatever, you do not blow $1200 a month on rent. That's insane. You rent a room or share an apartment. You can do that for as low as $325 a month, although a nice one can set you back $750 or more.
    Posted by: Joseph | March 19, 2009 at 11:31 AM

    BS. I pay 1,200 dollars a month for rent, I make minimum. 400 dollars a month gets you a bed in the corner of a living room in Santa Barbara.




    We live in a system that allows a disproportionate amount of wealth into the hands of the smallest percentage of Americans. While we are busy working away and wondering what is on tv today, corporate executives are looking for ways to cut costs, increase profit, and expand business. If they can find a way to lay off employees, pay them less, and decrease benefits while maintaining a profitable company they will do it. All these suburban dwellers who were raised in middle-class families, went to good schools, worked part-time, lived at home, had scholarships to help pay for college have no idea what is going on. This "American Dream" is fading because we would rather go to college to file papers in office buildings than produce in our own country. More jobs are shipped overseas, outsourcing to India etc. Most of the new jobs being created are in the service industry, and unfortunately most of those jobs are minimum wage. What do you do when you're out of college, have a huge debt, and the only job you can find is a service industry job because of the competition? What do you do when you have thousands of people fighting for the same job you went to college for? Where do you go, where do you turn? Retail, and debt. Credit cards, loans, mortgage, social services etc. How does this impact the economy? Negatively. Where do we borrow from? China.

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