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    I am being 'asked' to take to take 2 additional weeks off on top of my 3 weeks earned. Most of the time the language is 'asked', occasionally 'required' is used.

    Company Policy is that unpaid time cannot be taken before paid vacation time. The result of this is that I will be forced to 0 out my vacation time.

    Question: Can a California employee be forced to 0 out accrued vacation time?

    Here is the official language.
    Unpaid Time-Off: All year-round office and warehouse employees are being asked to take two additional weeks off in 2009. Non-exempt employees will be required to take 10 additional days over the course of the year, and exempt employees (generally speaking, coordinator level or above) will be required to take 2 additional weeks in on one week increments. Following are some possible questions, and answers to those questions:

    We are asking employees to take all of the vacation time they earn in 2009 plus 2 additional weeks (for example, if you earn 2 weeks of vacation per year, you will need to take 4 weeks off in 2009). If you have a vacation balance that is equal to or greater than 2 weeks on December 31, 2008, you would be able to use vacation time for all of your time-off in 2009, and would not need to take any of this time as unpaid time. If you have less than 80 hours of unused vacation on 12/31, you will end up needing to take some of the time as unpaid. So…you can use vacation time for these additional days, provided you have the vacation time in the bank.

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