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    This is the holiday season, and there are two questions that always come up. The first is, "What do I get for Janet?".The second is "What do I want?" I have my basic list, there are a couple of items that I could really use, but I don't know if they even exist.

    Gift Idea #1: Networked Answering Machine

    I have one of those sucky digital answering machines. It works, but the speaker quality is horrid. What I really want is a digital answering machine with an Ethernet port, so I can retrieve messages as MP3 or WAV using HTTP (or FTP). This way, when I'm on the road I can "listen" to my messages without needing to use a phone. If an Ethernet version is unavailable, then a USB port that looks like a USB thumb drive would be fine. This way, I can plug it into the computer and download the messages.


    California Dui

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