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District Courts Cannot Enjoin Other Actions, Even With Certified Class Action Pending

Know Of Any Other Good Blogs?

We've removed a few links from the side column. If you had a blog we listed, but haven't posted to it since 2007, or posted fewer than five times in the last twelve months, you got removed. As always, we're interested in posting links to other good legal blogs, and particularly employment-related blogs. This week we added four legal blogs, none of which are employment blogs per se.

If you know of any we should include, especially if it is yours, leave a comment or drop us an email.



Bag and Baggage: bgbg.blogspot.com

How did you guys not get mentioned in California Lawyer's Blogosphere article?


You can find a lot of good employment law blogs at Justicia.copm. It ranks 79 employment blogs by popularity. You'll like where your blog fits in those rankings.


Molly DiBianca

Over on the East Coast, the Delaware Employment Law Blog keeps pace with the current employment law developments. We also look at how the events of everyday fit into the world of e-law. And we love every minute of it! Come by for a visit!

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