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    Eugene D. Lee

    Doris Ledbetter filed her EEOC claim less than 6 months after finding out that she was being paid less than males. She found out through an anonymous tip. Most people aren't privy to the salaries their colleagues are receiving and wouldn't know to sue for pay discrimination as it was occurring or within 180 days after. It took Doris Ledbetter 19 years to find out she was being discriminated against. The Ledbetter decision completely emasculates the Equal Pay Act. The notion that our mothers, sisters and daughters will bring the legal system to its knees with their allegations of pay discrimination is simply ridiculous. I am not aware of any evidence that frivolous EPA claims have been clogging the courts. The opponents to the Fair Pay Act are being intellectually dishonest.

    Moreover, McCain's notion that the Fair Pay Act represents inappropriate government intrusion into the private sector makes no sense. Is the alternative to let the private sector police its own discriminatory pay practices? The very same private sector that is engaging in them in the first place?

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