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The Best Law Blogs

Blawg Review has taken up a "top law blogs" meme. We got tagged a few weeks ago by by Kimberly A. Kralowec of The UCL Practitioner, who had been named by J. Craig Williams of May it Please the Court. We love both of their blogs and read them regularly (they are two of the three longest standing links on our sidebar), and we were pleased and appreciative of Kim's endorsement of California Wage Law. Like we mentioned earlier this week, blogging time was impacted last month by a variety of issues, so we're trying to catch up on all the interesting news and developments in wage and hour law, but we'll end the week with this. Excluding The UCL Practitioner and May it Please the Court, which would both be on our list of ten favorites, we suggest checking out the following ten blogs, in alphabetical order:


Will Schendel

Good list. But you probably mean The Volokh (not Volock) Conspiracy. Note: Your link for VC goes to How Appealing.

michael walsh

Thanks for the catch. Actually, three of the links got messed up when I cut and pasted the links to put them in alphabetical order.

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