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    K. Triplett

    I was an employee for Mastec Direct TV in Carrollton, TX from '05 thru '06. My supervisor then was Eddie King who is now head of operation at Mastec told me that I should have received paper work from lawyers in the mail to fill out for lost wages .The only problem is the address Mastec has is old and invalid. I'd appreciate someone contact me so that we can exchange fax numbers or get my correct information posted. Thanks.


    Hi i received the paper work but i have missplaced them. Is there any website or link i can go to so i can file that paper work?


    If there is anyway i can receive those documents again please let me know.

    ricky brawner

    wheres my check..

    michael walsh

    We don't have that information. It is not our case.

    Mitchell Read

    Is there any info avail. about the result of the case. How can we contact the attorney or firm?

    douglas shamblin

    I worked for Mastec in charlotte nc. Has there been a decision on the lawsuit has of yet

    thomas james

    hi i got the paper work and signed it and sent it back but i have not got a check yet and my co worker did so can you give me the number to the attroney who is handling it so i can see were my check is

    Stephen Hemphill

    i also sent my paperwork in and still no check, the website on the paperwork does not work, can i expect a check? someone expalin

    Stephen Hemphill

    The number the law firm set up to deal with this case is 1 866 854 4174

    Ramon Suarez

    Sent paperwork on time,still waiting for check,worked for Mastec in Orange County,now I am disabled,where can I get more info?

    jesus morales

    if there is any info on where i can call to find out about the payout id like to know. 7576378018


    Has anyone received their check yet? I worked for the Carrollton, TX office and haven't heard anything. The legal paperwork I received in 12/07 says to expect payment 6/08. This date has passed.

    Doug McAulay

    I worked in both South Carolina and Maryland, and have not heard anything. The paper work that I recieved in December 2007 stated that payout should be in June 2008. Any new information?

    William Smith

    I called the phone number today, They said the checks were being mailed out on Friday, the 25th of July. I am out of the Wilmington,NC office.


    Thanks for the update - hopefully this is accurate.

    William Smith

    Will have to see, if I get the check next week I will post it, William.


    Yes the checks were supposed to be mailed out of the 25th of this month.. The check is only going to be for half of what you are getting back. And then the end of next month you will get the other half. I guess this is so Mastec can collect more interest in our money. HE HE HE HE


    I got a check, it was half, but there is no mention of another check to come. I think this is typical. I would be surprised if another follows, where did you hear that?


    I received my check today, it was for the full amount, just wanted to follow up.




    After the taxes and fees, it was 1,251.93, before, 2,137.40


    Yeah your right...only one check. No mention of another. In the original paperwork it stated 2 checks. Also I was supposed to have 3 grand but only got 2200 before fees, taxes..etc. Oh well. At least its something


    Originally the Lawyer's fees were separate from our percentages, now the Lawyer's fees have been taken out of our checks, could someone legal check this please?


    I worked for mastec in california and all my friend and i got our checks yesterday rangig fro two to four thousand and after all the fees everyone check was about 2 stacks (thousand)why so many fees. is everyone medicare withhold was as large as mine they took out 895.00 in medicare


    Does the amount we get back depend on how long we worked for them?


    i think so but at the same time we were working 6 days a week


    Received my check today, not as much as I was expecting (atty fees, taxes, etc.) but at least its something.


    i received a check July 28, it was for 3k, but after taxes 2,131. how do you know everyone is suppose to get a second check. i thought that was for the people who orginally filed the suit. also it says the second check will be issued out 180 days after the first check.

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