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    Daniel Hernandez

    need infp- don't know where to turn. what is the prevailing wage law regarding tree trimming and landscaping? I think my boss is not paying us correctly for the work we are doing at a local high shcool. thank you

    Pavlos Salamasidis

    I work for a non-union sign company in Northern California that is employed by a handful of contractors on a regular basis. We have been promised prevailing wage for the hours worked, but we have yet to receive them. My employer told us that prevailing wage pay will be given to us upon the contract's completion. Is this legitimate?

    I am a non union metal locker installer in the sacramento area,the scope they pay me is carpenter (moudular furniture),and I dont think this is right.Nothing I do is free standing and made of a fabric material.Am I carpenter or sheet metal? Thanks Rick

    answer my damn question 111Rick the non union locker installer


    I am not an authority on this, but I am a business owner and have worked in the trades myself in my day. Try these government links for filing a complaint with the labor board. They will investigate it for you, or seek a labor law attorney in your area. Other useful links are on the

    michael walsh

    We do not give specific legal advice over the internet.


    thanks for info,there is no scope for lockers? sheet metal or carpenters??? I will get a lawyer and get to the bottom of this!!!Locker guy

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