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    I scored a 9.2, so it must be a highly accurate system :)


    >In fact, most lawyers got 6.5s, including a few dead guys and a few imprisoned convicts, including Lynne Stewart.

    First of all, Lynne Stewart is not imprisoned, nor has she even been imprisoned. Ms. Stewart is free and waiting for the appeal of her conviction to wend its way through the courts.
    Second of all, the sentencing judge stated at the time of sentencing there is a good chance Ms. Stewart's conviction will be overturned on appeal. You can read the appeal and judge for yourself by downloading the full appear in pdf format from this web site:
    Third, Ms. Stewart has been rated one of the top ten criminal attorneys in all of New York City. If her conviction is overturned, which is a definite possibility, her reputation will have been restored.
    Meanwhile, Ms. Stewart's popularity and the regard with which she is held by her thousands of admirers, is correctly reflected in the ratings which are the subject of this blog entry.

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