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    That's a line from some obscure lawyers PowerPoint, without any attribution or citation. You don't rely on evidence of that caliber in your class cert motions, do you?

    Contrary to what Cory J. King thinks, all of the academic research shows the opposite: employees win more often in arbitration than they do in court. But if the employee wins in court, he or she tends to get more money.

    burned out associate

    Poor lawman. A member of the tribe has let a dirty secret out and now he has to belittle his tribe member by calling him obscure and saying that he doesn't know what he is talking about. Just like Cory J King, lawman gives not attribution or citation himself and doesn't even identify himself. Lawman doesn't rely on evidence of that caliber in his arbitrations motions, does he?


    Well, other than assuming the very proposition being debated, a cogent analysis.

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