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    Cathy Bayer

    My name is Cathy Bayer and I have worked for the Bank of Montreal for 21 years and 4 mos. It seems all the banks are the same. They pay low wages and want everything, including my time for free. When I was at Vanier Branch Ottawa, we were told as tellers -- by October next year you must have your riser (Mutual Fund course) compleated with a pass to keep your job. Which was all done on my time and once I passed I was never registered. It is my thought, the bank wanted to see who really needed their job and just do it. It was not a requirement for my job,but I couldn't afford to lose my job as I was a single mom of 2 children. There is countless times we as tellers stand around waiting for lock up by our supervisor. We can't leave till our cash is locked up. I also have to do treasury. Lock up excess cash in the vault before I go home, which is done in joint custody. When I first started at br2755 in Oct 2003, we were not given any breaks for over a year, and yes still left late every night. Shortly after I started with the bank 1-2 years maybe it was said if you had to work overtime, it had to be approved before you do it. Our problem was we couldn't leave before our cash was locked up and they suggested/prefered us not to ask for it. We had a new rule to open 5 mins early and close 5 mins late in the name of customer service. As tellers we had less than a half hour to balance, put away securities, lock the cabinets, count if it was our count day, get treasury put away, a late customer could take any where from 5mins to 45mins (to the extrem). So what customer was pulling on the door? A 5min one or a long one and my pay chq stops at 5;00pm. Once quartly we get a suprise cash count. Once announced it has to be compleated.(to make sure I'm not stealing from the bank)I always hated when they would come 15 mins before I was off. They were always slower to count and they made mistakes, which ment I would have to recount with them to to verify that it was right. As a teller I'm allowed 15 mins by bank rules to count and its needless to say someone not use to counting $20g in cash and coin WILL take longer. I also have the coin cupboard which starts from $1000.00 to $20,000.00 in coin depending on the day the suprise cash count comes.(I get alot of coin and ship alot every week)I think you can take this farther--mental stress - mental abuse. My manager casually says "where are you going (when I'm getting locked up to go home) it's not 6:00pm yet? I'm always tired, mentally exausted, and I'm on stress leave for a month. I'm sure you have many similar stories from many bank employees. I really hope you can help us. I think it is really sad when the banks announce mega profits year after year and can't pay their employees for a job well done, and for all time put in!!!! I also think it's sad that welfare paid my babysitting when I first became a single mom because my ex didn't pay child supportand I couldn't afford it, but a little help is better than total welfare. I couldn't afford a car. We walked, biked, took the bus to get where we had to go. Thank god my children were small as they got free bus rides a little longer then some kids. Hope this helps--I would love to see you win.. God Bless Maybe there is some fairness in this world afterall!!!

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