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    Lets initiate a revolt agains insensitive employers who use staff as a piece of equipment. Lets collect together and make sure that employers change thier policies to either care for the people who work for them or shut shop. Pass the word on..


    I'm tired of employees using FMLA as a way to gain extra time off and leaving the rest of us to pick up their slack. I understand that these leaves are here to protect the employee (or family member) with a medical need but I'm finding that it's being abused more than used properly. I've spoken with many employees who've gone to other countries, had the paperwork filled out by a doctor there and been granted FMLA. The problem is the person listed as the sick one is not the employee but they filled it out as if it was. Who holds them accountable? No one, there in another country. all the employee has to do is ask that they change the name on the paperwork so it mathces their leave. Sort of silly don't you think?

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