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We've Hit a New Milestone

Oddly enough, just two days after one of our favorite blogs (the UCL Practitioner) crossed the 150,000 visit mark, we crossed the same mark as to page views (we don't know how many unique visits that makes). We remember back in the day, when we were paying $3,000 a year for a website hosted by Martindale Hubbell or Lexis or Westlaw (we can't even remember who), we would get monthly emails that said something like "Mr. Walsh, great news! Your website received 139 hits in the month of October!" We did get some clients from it, but not many. Today, we get an average of more than 300 hits per day, and only 3-4 of those hits come from us checking comments or our own posts. The difference: less money, more content. Thank you all for reading, and especially thank you to those who leave comments. We welcome all points of view, even those who disagree with us.

We'll keep doing this as long as we have both the time and energy and the content remains relevant. Right now, there seems to be something worth discussing every day. At other times, several days or weeks will pass without us reading something that makes us want to type. At yet other times, there are great things to talk about, but we are in the middle of 20 days straight of depositions, or we're in trial, or gearing up for a big mediation or class certification motion. When that happens, the blog must sleep. Luckily, it seems like every time we start adding content, the readership jumps right back up.

The California Wage Law blog does not constitute legal advice. It is for informational and entertainment purposes only, and none of its posts should be detrimentally relied upon. We make no guarantees, warranties or promises about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained in or linked to from this blog, especially as it may apply to claimants or litigants outside the State of California. For a full list of disclaimers, notices and explanations of why you can't sue us over anything we write, please read our official disclaimer here. Enjoy. Now, on to a quarter million....


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