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    It went down in flames in the Senate.

    Lee Shane

    I am considering opening a restaurant, but whit the new Calif min wage for tipped employees, this will adversly effect the overall cost of doing business.
    How do you justify a server making $30 an hour when adding in the tips when comapered to any other employee making $8-10 per hour.

    pam the waitress

    How do you justify paying someone only $8-10 an hour in the first place? If you can't afford to part with at least minimum wage because you can't figure out how to make that business model work, you should just go get a job yourself. You are not a businessman. Food servers work very hard, and the tipping system rewards workers who give better service and make more sales. For every dollar that a food server makes in tips, you get $7 in sales. Quit your bitching.

    Chris the Genius

    You Idiot are you paying your servers their tips? I didn't think so. Are you paying them minimum wage? That's what I thought. Your server could very well make minimum wage because tips are Gratuities which means that that are not entitled to receiving this money from anyone. Granted if they please the customers that come into your store the customers place an extra share of the bill aside for your hard working minimum wage employee.

    Josh the wiater

    Wow, I totally agree with Lee. Any restaurant owner that can't afford to give their servers at least minimum wage shouldn't be in business in the first place. They should be working for a restaurant that can.

    To answer your question:
    "How do you justify a server making $30 an hour when adding in the tips when comapered to any other employee making $8-10 per hour?"

    Because servers work harder and deserve it. A cook can stand in the back for $11/hr, scratching his head, cussing, joking around for their shift. Servers on the other hand must always be on their game 100%. They're having to deal with customers, selling food, selling themselves, and having to deal with and fix the cook's mistakes. I've been in the restaurant industry for quite a while. $30/hr is only on the best nights, for 4-5 hours. Factoring in lunches, slow days, non-tippers, etc. tips are way less than that. That is unless you're a server working for a restaurant that always has high tabs, or you're one of those servers that has 10+ tables going at all times. Serving is a trade if you ask me. It takes years of experience, trial and error, and fine tuning to become truly good at what you do. Not to be mistaken with most "servers" who are nothing more than order takers that try not to mess things up. A real server is experienced, knowledgeable in what they sell, know how to read people, always make good conversation and say the right things, know how to sell + upsell, memorize 30+ things at any given moment, and not too mention will never be at a standstill. Not too mention that they're constantly having to deal with some of the cheapest, scummiest, most irritable people sometimes for no tip. I can't even count the number of people that would come in simply because they know it puts them in power. These people usually only order a glass of water and a sandwhich that they'll split with their husband/wife. You can do everything perfectly, and they'll still complain about everything, bitch and moan about this and that, insult you, insult the restaraunt, solely because they know they can and still have their asses kissed. Of course you'd have to, and still not get tipped. I never cared though cause as soon as they walked out the door, they were nothing but poor white trash again.

    Let's not forget that a restaurant doesn't only sell food, they sell service. Without the service they're nothing. The post before this hit it on the head. Whining restaurants should seriously shut up, because for every $1 they pay their employees, they should see sales of $7-$10+. I don't care what anyone says, GOOD servers are a restaurants best investment. Not only are they there to meet a customer's every demand, but they're their to increase sales for the business.

    The other part of this is that most people don't know that when a servers shift is over, most servers still have "side work". I've actually had 1-2 hours of sidework for some of the restuarants I've worked at. Here I'd be making $3.65/hr (VT tipped min. wage) to be scrubbing down a cooler or cleaning out a dirty microwave. Was I getting tipped for this? No! This seemed like BS to me. I'd love to have somebody come and clean my house for $3.65/hr. I'd keep them here all day. This is the same way restaurants look at it too.

    Angela Kohler

    I currently live in Kentucky where the legal wage to pay servers is $2.13. The year is now 2008. This law allowing restaraunts to pay this meager hourly rate was an absolute shame in 1998 when it was established. Now it is 10 years later. The cost of living has doubled,(at least), gas prices are $4.oo a gallon, I have difficulty finding food I can afford to buy to feed my kids, and every month I have to decide if i am going to pay my light bill or my gas bill. $2.13 an hour is an atrocity. It is slave labor, and we need to stand together to stop it. The company I work for just had a mandatory meeting last week foe all employees. They gathered us all in one room to tell us the company had made 3.7% more in sales in the last 6 months then projected. That was just for the store I work in. We were all told "Thank you very much, the company wouldn't be doing so great if it weren't for you. Now we can run our summer promotion for guests. First place is a brand new R.V. and free gas for that R.V. for one year." When we asked,(the servers), for a pay raise we were then told the company only makes 3 cents on the dollar. Bullshit! When managers make 50,000 a year, and I know this because I was asked to be a manager with the stipulation that I leave my family for 3 months to go between 2 different states for training, which is all at the expense of the company which includes hotel rooms and meals Monday thru Friday and the plane tickets to and from these two cities every Sunday and Friday, plus the managers get monthly bomus's, and the VP's have a State of the Art R.V. to travel in, the company is making more then enough money. All of this success is on the back's of the lowest paid employee's in the country. So to those restaruant owners crying that they might one day have to actually pay their employees, Get a life. I work to support my family not make you rich. The fact of the matter is, T.I.P.S. means To Insure Proper Service. It is called a gratuity. For restaraunt owners is the definition of gratuity: something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service; especially : TIP. The standard TIP is not 15-20% as most employers like to say. In all honesty, it used to be. Now you are lucky to get 5% and at the end of the day you have worked to be able to afford gas to work again tomorrow. And no I don't want to hear "go find another job." This is a serious injustice to millions of Americans and I, for one, do not belive it is in any way legal, or morally right. It is however, a classic case of the richer get richer and the poor get poorer. As human beings we have the right to live life. With the way things are now, we can't live life. We simply exist.

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