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    I received a check (very small from this settlement. Is it for real?


    I received a check (very small from this settlement. Is it for real?


    I, too recieved a check for a very small sum. My first instinct was that it was a snail mail form of phishing.....please advise.


    I received a small check too... what is this all about?


    I also got a check for a very small amount. I would like more info, plus why so small?


    Small check. Small info. What is this? Something about wage law and tips. I never had a job working for tips. What's up?


    I also received a check for $1.71. Has anyone found information on this??


    Well, whats with the $1.71 check? if we cash it does it rule out further monies that we are really due?

    Dee Owens

    This is what the class action lawsuit was about....

    "Class action against credit card companies for improper treatment of consumers including improperly charging interest, late fees, and over the limit fees."

    Hope that helps.


    Do you have to respond in such a rude and uncaring way?


    Thanks Joe, I thought Susan was rude as well. When I Googled the case, it led me to this site, so I figured someone would know about it.

    michael walsh

    People, this is a forum for discussing wage claims and cases relevant to wage claims. Edelist v. First USA Bank was not a wage case, and we were discussing it for the sole purpose of addressing fees and enhancements in class actions, as that issue applied to wage cases. How and why each class member's check amount was determined in the Edelist case is not really any of our business. If they aren't telling the class members, they certainly aren't telling us. No one at this blog knows anything about the merits or the value of the Edelist case. We neither know nor have any way to find out why $1.71 settlement checks are going out to First USA cardholders. You will not find any answers here. If you still have your class notice, look at that notice and call the attorneys listed there. We don't know who sent you the check or why.Emailing us to find out why "we" sent you a check for a dollar isn't going to lead to more information. "We" didn't send anyone any checks. All we did was read the court opinion and discuss the issues raised in the appeal.

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