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    Carol Jandebeur

    I have two questions. If your employees punch in and out at the incorrect time how do we determine pay. Forenstance an employee shift starts at 8am and he punches in at 745am how can we not pay for overtime other than using corrective action? The second question is: If an employee works in a sleep diagnostic lab and cannot leave the work area for lunch but does receive pay is there a legal problem?

    michael walsh

    An employer is responsible for paying an employee for all time worked. If the employee clocks in at 7:45 and begins working, that time is compensable. If the employee clocks in at 7:45 but does not work until 8:00, the timesheet should be corrected by the employee.

    Ronald Smith

    Are the 12/36 shifts only available to healthcare or can other indrustries, like Security Officers use 12/36 shifts? I see the provision for 10 hour shifts, but that is it.

    Ronnie Marciari

    Is a Sick day or Holiday, that you are being paid
    for count as hours in your workweek, if you mst work forty hours for overtime

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