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    I saw this on Judge Watson's tenative list last week:
    Cross-complainant’s Motion to Compel Responses to Special Interrogatories is GRANTED pursuant to CCP §§ 2030.290. Harpreet Brar, Esq. is ordered to serve full and complete responses without objection within 20 days from the date of notice of ruling.
    Cross-complainant’s Request for Sanctions is GRANTED against Harpreet Brar & Satinder Brar in requirement under § 2030.040.
    All counsel ordered to appear on Tuesday (2-21-06) @ 10:30 a.m. in Dept. C-15.

    Ali Hassan

    Hey Harpreet you cheap was it in jail..hope you didn't drop the soap....but get used to it with your sense of morality jail will be your home away from home....heard you were a cute hoochi mama in the can .....Oh please do as all a faovr and catch a stroke or a massive heart attack.

    Ali Hassan.

    MARCH 12, 2007

    Harpreet Singh Brar - #206460
    Current Status:

    Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)


    Friday, July 27, 2007
    Brea attorney found guilty of tax evasion
    Harpreet S. Brar is found guilty on five counts of felony state income tax evasion.

    BREA – An attorney who operated a law office in Brea was found guilty on five counts of felony state income tax evasion Thursday and will be sentenced in September, the Franchise Tax Board announced today.

    Harpreet S. Brar, 35, who also operated a limited liability partnership in Long Beach, failed to file 1999 personal income tax and corporate income tax returns. He also failed to file his 2002 personal income tax returns and for the limited liability partnership, Holly McDonell, an FTB spokeswoman said.

    "Tax evasion is a felony and you will go to prison," McDonell said.

    Brar, who represented himself, did file a 1999 personal income tax return after the FTB executed a search warrant in late 2004. However, Brar failed to claim about $1.5 million he received from the sale of securities.

    Brar was arrested in February 2006 for tax evasion. He was out on $250,000 bail when the trial started a week ago at Orange County Superior Court, McDonell said.

    Brar owes the FTB more than $138,000 in additional tax for 1999, McDonell said. The total amount of restitution, including the business tax, penalties, interest, and the cost of the investigation, will be determined at Brar's sentencing on Sept. 14.

    "All income is taxable, even illegal income, and the honest taxpayers pay 20 percent more because of those who cheat," McDonnell said.

    According to the State Bar of California, Brar is no longer eligible to practice law. The number at Brar's former law office on Imperial Highway is disconnected and he could not be reached for comment.

    Contact the writer: 714-704-3709 or [email protected]

    hahaha I know this guy, I guess Karma is a bitch

    yeah tell me about it, it seems to me this is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black...

    heres a little joke for you harpreet, hope you enjoy it!

    A man is sent to prison for the first time. He has to share a cell with a big, black, bald dude with a mean look on his face. The guy was shitting in his pants not knowing what to say.

    The big dude smiles hungrily at him and asks, "Well, Boy. Do you want to be the Mama or the Papa?"

    In a panic, the guy thinks quickly to himself, "Well if I say I'm the Papa, maybe it won't be so bad!"

    As soon as he said, "I'll be the Papa", the big black dude answered, "Well come over here and suck on Mama's big fat dick!"

    lol better think extra hard when someone asks you who you wanna be!!! :P


    Now theres an original hustler. Extortioning money from businesses using his degree.


    God forbid anyone say anything bad about a convicted felon. It is safe to say lawyers on both sides are happy to see this piece of legal detritus out of business and off the streets.


    I wonder how he is doing in Jail...who posted "Leave him alone"....why are you so protective of someone like him..Maybe you don't really know him..

    it does not matter if you know him or not but all i know is that its in your best intrest to LEAVE HIM ALONE maybe YOU dont know who HE IS!!!

    If he is in jail right now

    I'd be supposing it is best to leave him alone, on account of I'd have to be in jail with him to bother him. What sort of anonymous threat are you making, little miss anonymous? What do you have against truth or snowman?

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