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    « Red Lobster and Olive Garden Employees Settle Meal and Rest Break Class Action For $9.5 Million | Main | Dastmalchi Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement Not Approved »


    Michael Carver

    The Writ of Mandate pending in Sacramento Superior Court, Coralles, et. al. v. Donna Dell, Case 05 CS 00421, was set for argument on July 28, 2005. However, Judge Connelly was ill and the hearing will be rescheduled. The Writ challenges the Labor Commissioner’s procedures on meal and rest break cases, and in particular, the recent designation of the “Precedent Decision” of the Hartwig case.

    All this may signal better news is ahead for meal & rest break plaintiffs. On July l1, 2005, the state Senate passed Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR) 43, which was chaptered by the Secretary of State on July 18, 2005. ACR 43 makes it clear, in the opinion of the Legislature, that the Labor Commissioner lacks authority to promulgate the proposed regulations. ACR 43 further states the proposed regulations are contrary to state law.


    Very interesting site I congratulate


    i am an employee of the olive garden and i find it very disturbing that the break issue isnt just one that we have to deal with at our branch.if anyone has any information on any lawsuit etc dealing with this company please email me a t dreamcatcher [email protected] i would like to participatre in such events or at least hear about the haps ...thanks !! !

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