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    I am interested in your number of $10,000 per class member. Are you aware of a May 2005 Jams settlement with State Farm in mischaracterized duy case? I don't have a copy handy but it was close to $40,000 a class member. Would be interested in insights on your number. thanks

    Michael Walsh

    I said "very often settle for more than $10,000 per claimant," not, say, "up to $10,000." In general assistant manager claims tend to be smaller than claims in the insurance industry class actions, for two reasons: first, the employees tend to be more transient in the retail field, although Home Depot employees may be less so; second, the assistant managers (indeed, "assistant" anythings) tend to have lower compensation to begin with. You get a worker making $60,000 per year for an insurance company, and their overtime claims will be worth many times that of an assistant manager who might earn as little as $350 per week in the restaurant business. Again, Home Depot workers probably are better off than that, but I would be surprised to see them earning $60,000 per year.

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