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    Peter Green

    I am the Controller for a California Car Dealership and take a special interest in Wage and Hour issues.
    Why do you indicate Car Dealerships are 'the worst of the lot'? Is this opinion based on your own experience, from actual court records or anecdotal information? Can you direct me to actual cases, apart from the famous Keyes and AutoStiegler ones.
    I'm in the process of writing a Guide to Wage and Hour Law for California Dealerships and any information you can provide would be appreciated. I'm not an attorney, just an accountant who thinks Dealerships would be better served by being fully aware of the Law and the means to get into compliance.

    michael walsh

    We have represented probably 25 employees of car dealerships and automotive repair shops in the past five years. We have yet to turn even one away after telling them that the dealership or repair shop was complying with the law. The only ones whose cases we did not take were those whose claims were too small to justify a filing fee, and were not amenable to class action status. We're sure that somewhere out there, a dealership is complying with the law. We just haven't encountered one yet, and 25/25 is a fairly significant sampling.

    And, by the way, in the AutoStiegler case, the arbitrator slammed the dealership pretty hard, and they had to pay the arbitration costs, to boot.

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