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    Billy Phu

    My company announced that all employees must take their lunch before or exact 5 hours after their start time.
    for example: If I come to work at 5.58AM and must take the lunch before 11AM (such as required to take luch at 10.58AM (Must exact 5 hours?)no later or sooner? My company said it's is california law.
    I am confused the lunch hours must be "Exact" and no tolerant of flexible between minutes.
    Please help!

    I am a programmer and these meal & rest periods do not do me any good. I'm at work to do my business and get out of there as quickly as possible. These required rest periods add 1.5 hours to my work day. There's no "WHIP" cracked over me. A "written notice exception" is exactly what I want. I want to be free to make my own arrangement with my employers. Instead, my rights are stripped away by these invasive laws.

    Paul Hutcherson

    Programmer -> Speak to your employer about meal period waivers. This would allow you to manage to a certain degree your breaks and not being forced to take them at the five hour period. Some more details are available at the following link:

    Billy: Your company is forcing you do to this as there is a compensation due to you (viewed as a penalty by your company) if you do not take a 30 minute unpaid for every five consecutive hours worked.


    I work for a large security company in Calif.
    They have:
    Required every guard/employee sign the "on-duty meal period" waiver, as an "unofficial" condition of employment.
    I have worked at one site for 4 years. In all that time, I have never recieved a rest period. At all.

    Management has a new "revised" timesheet that we are to use now. It has spaces for lunch&rest breaks. We will still won't be taking proper rest breaks.
    They insist that times be put down for these "breaks"
    though. Is this legal? Can we be made to falsify timesheets in this manner?


    Are Ca emploies required by LAW to take a 1 hour lunch break? My company is saying that it is state law that we take 1 full hour.
    Please advise

    M. Smith

    I work a 12 hour shift. How many breaks are you allowed under the new law? I understand that you get two lunches. If I decline the second lunch, does that also mean that I lose one of the breaks? Also, what are the minutes allowed for lunches and breaks?

    D. Guy

    I work at a medical practice and hate to have to clock in and out for a lunch hour, I am told that a company may automatacily take a 30 minute to a 1 hour break. Should I be forced to clock in an out for a 30 minute break or may my employer automaticity deduct the time from my time card?


    I work for a company on the East coast whose main office is in California and whose laws we must also follow. I work a 7.5 day and am told that I must take at least a 30 min. lunch every day.

    Is this correct?

    If so, can I take my 30 min. lunch at the end of 7.5 hours?

    Alternatively, can I sign something that says I waive my 30 min. lunch breaks? I commute a ways and am wasting 2.5 hours every week on lunches I don't take, but have to record.


    My employer schedules employee clock-in times thirty minutes early, and requires that employees take meal breaks before a work shift even begins. Is this legal? Can this possibly be considered a break from one's work duties? Isn't this equal to taking one's break at home before even going to work. (Which is obviously ridiculous). Thank you.


    I've having a problem with this law. Most my employees who only work for five or six hours don't want to take a 30 minute break because they don't get paid for it. Secondly, my commission people don't want to take their lunch up to five hours after sometimes because it's a peak sales time and they'd rather sell.


    I work for an ambulance company where we work 24hr shifts, I WISH that we could get uninterupted lunch and meal breaks. Will this new law require EMS providers to give their 24hr shift employees uninterupted lunches and meals or are we will on our own and better hope that we don't have a busy day???

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