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    Tim Colling

    Unfortunately the wording of SB940 is so broad that many other types of employers, just temp agencies, are probably also subject to it (and don't know so!):

    "Temporary services employer" means an employing unit that
    contracts with clients or customers to supply workers to perform
    services for the clients or customers and that performs all of the
    following functions:
    (A) Negotiates with clients and customers for matters such as the
    time and place where the services are to be provided, the type of
    work, the working conditions, and the quality and price of the
    (B) Determines assignments or reassignments of workers, even if
    workers retain the right to refuse specific assignments.
    (C) Retains the authority to assign or reassign a worker to
    another client or customer when the worker is determined unacceptable
    by a specific client or customer.
    (D) Assigns or reassigns workers to perform services for clients
    or customers.
    (E) Sets the rate of pay of workers, whether or not through
    (F) Pays workers from its own account or accounts.
    (G) Retains the right to hire and terminate workers.

    So, if you think about it, this applies for example to
    - Plumbing repair companies that come out to fix the leaky toilet in your house
    - Painting companies that come to your office or house to paint the walls
    - etc...

    - Tim

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