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    Robert Nuddleman

    Here, Here! Nicely apropos analogy.


    try to read instruction for installation of Windows Vista. You can find Vista at this resource and I think there is the necessary instruction there.

    Free Bird

    The situation is not simply just booting up your computer (and UnitedHealth Group's system is s-l-o-w), but also staring at a screen for all the password screens to sign-in for the multiple programs used. Call Center folks have many more programs than I had and it still took a good 15 minutes for everything to boot up and be usable. Company is international, use servers and data warehouses from all the various companies they've purchased and many not compatible with their original system. Their IT staff is brilliant but they're not magicians...if the company chooses to create this scenario and handout barely basic equipment to their telecommunters, then they should be responsible for the ensuing consequences.

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