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    bill anselm

    if I work on a prevailing wage job for 2 hour only and at the end of the day I work a total of 12 hours.10 hours on a non-prevailing job that day. what percent % do I have to pay on a prevailing wage job if any time.


    The above comment appears to be asked by an employee and then gives itself away, by asking what percent do "I" have to pay? Obviously, this is a question from an unscrupulous employer who does not, or has not been paying the prevailing wage rates (In accordance to the Law). This individual answered their own question...the rate of pay would be two hours of prevailing wage, in conjunction with all other hours worked. The prevailing rate of pay may be more, based off of travel time to and from the intended work site. The complexity of the law pertaining to prevailing wage is not rocket science, and should be adhered to accordingly.

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