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    Renee Goggans

    All i can say is YEA!!!

    I have received the letter including me in the suit, good for whoever finally nabbed those &*%$#@! I HATE THEM!! When i quit after constant pokin at me i wanted to sue them too. UPS is a huge gathering of bully`s. (mangament that is).

    Whenever i would question my timecard, afterward i would get written up and the piss treatment. I was asked to drive the truck after 11 hrs of workin in the morning. Lunchs?? breaks? yea right!! if you dont make the time on your route they threaten to take you off it. Some one needs to stop these bastards..dont they make enough money without having to take it out on the workers??? Anyhooo...just wanted to say GOOD JOB!!! stik it to them!

    Rosetta LJ. Giddens

    It's about time someone get UPS for there wrong doing. I've worked there for 17 1/2 years and the fired me because of 1 accident within a year. I'm also sueing them. I'm from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Some management supervisor's sucks. Are the UPSers in Arkansas part of this class action law suite? We need to know it was in the Arkansas Gazette but we haven't heared anything else about it. I know I missed my lunches. Please let me know what the UPSer's in Arkansas need to do to be apart of this.

    Fannie Mae

    I am glad UPS has gotten caught up in their mess. Most of UPS management team is very low down. I'm from Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I would like to know if we are considered part of this class action law suit. If so, who do we talk to about signing up because I know I didn't get a chance to take my lunch break. UPS management team is very unprofessional and dumb. They treat their employees like dirt. You can stay with this company if you kiss a lot of ass or sleep around with management. So I'm glad they have to pay out $87 million dollars.

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