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    The Defense Never Rests

    Why is this newsworthy?

    michael walsh

    We talk about wage and hour class actions here, including ours and others. If you don't want to read about them, perhaps you've come to the wrong blog.

    Paul A

    Why is that sugar cane link newsworthy? Better ask the newspaper that reported the dismissal of some random class action what in tarnation they were thinking, reporting about a simple dismissal. Thats even less newsworthy than when the case gets appealed!!! I bet that defense never rests guy is your opposing counsel being bitter because he is going to get reversed. Keep up the good work.

    Paul A

    I just noticed that Curtis Cole of Thelen Reid lost another case in the appeals court to a party named Andrade. I thought it was yours at first, but I had searched for Andrade by attorney name not party name. The case is Frasier v Hanson.

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