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    Meghann Kinsella

    This is great news. Just in time for X-Mas. Now, does everyone who sent there info in by Sept. get there check in December, or does it go oldest to newest? How can I find out when I will get a check, and if possible how much!
    Thank you,
    Meghann Kinsella


    I worked for Red Lobster during those times, and never recieved anything in the mail. I have moved several times, so I'm not sure that they had my correct address. Would I still be able to make a claim?

    Michele Weltman

    I mailed my forms back in September and it is now December 27th and I have not received my check. I moved since then, but only 20 minutes away and I should have my check by then. Is there anyway to find out where my check is Please? I was expecting it this month and have not received it. Please help.

    Thank You.

    Michele Weltman

    I still have not received my check and it is January 29, 2006. What is a number to call to have them resend me a check to my new address??

    michael walsh

    All checks have been sent out now. If you have still not received your check, please contact the claims administrator, Rosenthal & Co., at (800) 211-5201. Incidentally, we tried to email you at that address, but the email was returned.

    laurie-jeanne lombardo

    anyone who can help me i'd appreciate it. i've been a faithful red lobster employee for 4 years until our new gm, jesse greene, took over our store 647 in manassas, va. he recently terminated me and i feel this is discrimination. i was a well respected crew member. i am a single mom and now my family is strugling. we are in danger of losing our home and food is scarce. the manager does not follow procedures as he should and all the employees lucky enough to still be at 647 are not being treated fairly and i hope smething can be done for us. we all love our jobs anmd need our workplace environment to change......thanks for any help.
    laurie lombardo
    10208 magnolia grove dr
    manassas, va 20110


    Olive Garden teminated my daughter (5 year FT employee) last week for having ONE bloody mary with her lunch FOUR HOURS before her shift. A new MIT has been terminating long-standing employees right and left. She must have something on the GM in order to cause him to terminate all of his experienced staff.

    Has anyone else suffered such a thing? I believe there should be something done about such a ridiculous rule. In the handbook it supposedly says "drinking before your shift". For God's sake--this is so widely interpretable as to be unenforceable. Sadly, they do it anyway--and get away with it. She will gladly enter into a class action lawsuit--understanding it won't do her much good as a sole complainer in an at will state. (SC)


    My husband currently works for Red Lobster in Fresno, California. He is still experiencing some of the issues included in this lawsuit. He has been told to work during his break, is called to work for three hours and is not paid for four hours, according to what I understand is California Labor Law., he is humuliated, belittled, discriminated against, made to work in a speeded up manner, is told that if he doesn't like his job, there is always someone else in line to take his place, is given only two or three days a week, when other who just start are given five to six days. What should he do?


    We have a class act lawsiut on olive garden in WA state and I had my purse stoen recently with my clian papers in it to send in and I dont know where to get new ones! Someone know? Let me know.
    - Krystal *

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