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    Margie Mills

    Is there a penalty if an employer does not provide an itemized statement of earnings to the employee on the same date that wages are paid?

    If so, what is the penalty?

    thank you.

    Shawn Frisbey

    Does #7 mean that at this time, you can begin masking the ssn with only the last 4 showing, or that you cannot mask the ssn until 1/1/08?

    Aman Ahluwalia

    What if an employer provides these itemized wage statements to the employee as part of their check and no employee has ever complained about wages earned or overtime paid, is an employer still liable for the harsh penalties if it unintentionally failed to keep the records for 3 years? Thanks.

    Beth Braun

    What is the responsibility of the employer to provide records of the commissions they are paying the employee. Do they need to provide itemized statements of what they are paying out. ie. names and amounts being paid commissions?
    Thank you


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